Our mission is to ensure that children we work with can demonstrate a high level of confidence in Maths and English. We strongly believe that every child has the capability to achieve their maximum potential. Our sessions are designed to do just that.  

Sessions are 1:1  and is led by professionals that have years of experience working in primary schools supporting children who have a variety of different needs and abilities. Children are supported with completing tasks set by our tutor and a clear learning objective for the session is given at the beginning. There is an expectation that children show 100% commitment during sessions and rewards and incentives are used to support this.

The tutor will have a number of resources and programmes of activities to support your child with during their session to ensure the learning is exciting and interactive.

 To book tutoring sessions, please complete our only booking form and a tutor will get back to you.

Standard Charges

Maths session (30 mins) £10                    English session (30 mins) £10

The Playscheme Package

Maths session (30 mins) + up to 3 hrs play  £16    English session (30 mins) + up to 3 hrs play  £16



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