Behaviour Policy


We want all children to have a safe and enjoyable time at our club.  We stress the importance of personal social skills, and the development of those skills is a means of promoting the values of mutual respect self-discipline and social responsibility.  We believe that children should not be considered bad but that sometimes their behaviour is inappropriate. Our scheme has ground rules that have been created and agreed by the children and the staff.  We expect all staff, children and parents to adhere to these rules.


We ask all parents to sign up to the following code of conduct when they register their child.

Code of conduct:


The club will:

  • Provide an environment conductive to acceptable behaviour;

  • Provide activities that promote acceptable behaviour

  • Give children clear consistent boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour that they understand;

  • Encourage non-violence solutions to problems;

  • Positively encourage acceptable behaviour through recognition and praise;

  • Try to ensure that no particular group or individuals are associated with particular behaviour on the basis of gender, race, religion or class.

Some unacceptable behaviour

  • Racism;

  • Bullying;

  • Aggression verbal and non-violence;

  • Defiance;

  • Disrespect for staff and other children;

  • Constantly breaking boundaries;

  • Deliberate damage to the club toys, equipment or premises.


Possible sanctions for repeated inappropriate behaviour include;

  • Being removed from situations to ‘cool off’;

  • Informing parents/carers;

  • Suspension.

When applying sanctions, the staff will use their discretion and understanding of each child, in liaison with the club supervisor.

Methods that will be used to promote positive behaviour include:

  • Praise for good behaviour;

  • Positive feedback to parents/carers when earned;

  • Awards for good behaviour and efforts;

  • Consistently applying rules;

  • Allowing each child to start the day with a clean slate.

And encouraging children to:

  • Help to do the washing up

  • Help sweeping;

  • Help to do the drying;

  • Help prepare food;

  • Help prepare activities;

  • Help tidying up;

  • Helping with younger children depending on children’s age;

  • Praising other children;


The staff at our club will make every effort to work with parents/carers to provide support to modify difficult behaviour. However, where, despite all efforts on the part of the club, a child’s behaviour is a constant source of disruption to other children or a danger to their physical or emotional well being the club will have no option but to follow suspension procedures.

Suspension procedures

Once a child has been sanctioned three times, and each incident has been recorded and brought to the parents attention,- the next time there is a cause for that child to be sanctioned, their parents and or carers will be contacted and asked to collect their child, or at the end of the session when they collect. They will be informed of the circumstances and length of suspension.

Depending on the nature of the incident, the suspension will be from one day to one week. Should the child’s behaviour continue to require sanctions leading to further suspensions, the child may be banned from the club completely.

In exceptional circumstances, where we regard the behaviour of a child as completely unacceptable, or a danger to themselves or others, they may be suspended immediately without following the above procedure.

Deliberate damage

If children deliberately damage the clubs toys, equipment or premises, in addition to the procedures above, we may ask parents to pay for the cost of repair or replacement.



  We expect all staff, children, parents, carers and visitors to behave reasonably when at the club. If parents or other visitors act in an unacceptable way, they may be asked to leave the premises, and their child might lose his/her place.